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Bridging Meta & Physical

Meteor is empowering the next generation of content creators and brands to develop their communities leveraging the power of Web3


Meteor provides a platform to migrate your existing social media following to a Web 3 ready platform to future proof your community


Gamify your community with the ability to earn physical world rewards by participating in meta activities


Blockchain-verified digital collectibles issued to your online community for a deeper level of engagement

Monetize Your Content

Powerful tools to build paid membership content that creates both impact and revenue

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t rely on algorithms or platform policies – build relationships with your audience on your terms

Make Impact through Gamification & Rewards

Create a space that people want to keep returning to by offering “phygital” (physical + digital) experiences that are more engaging

Coming Soon

Web 3 Integration

(Coming Soon)

Meteor is integrating blockchain technology into multiple areas of the platform to give users the full benefits of Web 3.

Launch Your Web 3 Community

Limited availability for exclusive partners. Join the waiting list today to start building yours.