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NFTs made easy and accessible

The Meteor platform provides a simple process to onboard new NFT users with QR-enabled cards and merchandise. We help creators and brands turn their media catalog into engaged NFT communities.

QR Redemption System

Our patented QR REDEMPTION SYSTEM makes it easy for anyone to participate in your NFT community

NFT Utility Toolkit

Meteor can add utility to your NFT project such as NFT Ownership Merchandise, Tickets, Virual Meetups, and more

Meteor Marketplace

NFT communities can buy and exchange directly on our Meteor Marketplace

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How does Meteor work?


Meteor assists creators and brands build their NFT community by turning their media catalog into NFTs


Creators and brands sell NFTs through QR-enabled cards or merchandise to redeem their NFTs


Creators and brands will receive secondary market royalties indefinitely through the continual sales of their NFTS

Launch Your NFT Community